The Heat Rebreather PO2 Displays
The Future in MCCR rebreather PO2 monitoring



Gorilla board I

The Gorilla I PO2 handset displays two oxygen sensors on one digital panel meter by cycling between the two sensors one at a time.  The board is enclosed in an ambient pressure housing, the housing has a screw (left bottom) that is used to turn the power on/off and activate the backlight by screwing it in and out. There is an access port to the sensor calibration trim pots on the end of the housing.







There are two different display boards, a left and a right side.  Power is from a standard 9 Volt battery located behind the display board. The battery and oxygen sensor wires are connected to the green header connector.




Gorilla II board

The Gorilla II board is the latest incarnation of the Gorilla PO2 display board series and incorporates many improvements over the Gorilla I version. Utilizing surface mount technology and a Microchip microcontroller all analog signals are processed through an onboard analog to digital converter (ADC) to  allow greater user control and options.


Here we see the Gorilla II board at power up with all the LEDís and backlight on which allows the user to ensure they're all operational, this also puts the maximum current draw on the battery.  While the battery is supplying the maximum current load the microcontroller reads the battery voltage and displays the reading on the digital panel meter. The next software revision will also  sequence through and display each sensors millivolt value.

The display of one, two, or three sensors can be specified by the user.  All display board operating parameters, such as the number of sensors to displayed, is accomplished using a single push button.  This push button also controls power to the board and activation or deactivation of the backlight.



There's an onboard Heads Up Display that has a high, low, and okay  LED.  These signals are also routed to the header connector so that they can be attached to a HUD on the divers DSV.  The high and low alarm levels are user definable


Included in the alarms is a low battery alarm LED.



Back of Board

All sensor signals are routed through an op-amp and read by the microcontroller for digital signal processing.




1 - Gorilla Diving Products PO2 Monitor , Introduction



2 - Gorilla Diving Products PO2 Monitor, Housing, Display Board, & HUD



3a - Gorilla Diving Products PO2 Monitor, Detailed Operation.



3b - Gorilla Diving Products PO2 Monitor, Detailed Operation.


The housing is double o-ring sealed and is easily disassembled for service.  The sensor and DSV HUD wires are routed through a LP second stage hose which, with a standard second stage regulator swivel, allows the housing to be rotated during use for optimal viewing.



The sensor wiring harness is inexpensive and easy to replace.



Here we see the sensor wires coming out of the hose and into the housing.



The wires run through the hose and into the rebreather head.



This concludes our presentation of the Gorilla Diving Products

HEAT PO2 Displays.


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